How We Work

Treatments that work with you

We believe no body is built the same and we honour that in how we work with you!

Through a lifetime, the body goes through a lot: growth spurts in childhood and adolescence, physical fatigue and aches, sports injuries, ageing tissues. Muscles can develop and evolve at different rates and get out of balance at any given age. Over time, these ‘imbalances’ can lead to chronic pain and sometimes be the catalyst to more acute injuries.

Mid North Coast Allied Health focuses on the specificity of your body by assessing how your history and external factors may contribute to your current wellbeing. In doing so we can better connect the dots, diagnose the source of your pain and effectively treat your specific condition so that you live to the best of your ability.

With you, every step of the way

A solution you can rely on

All our clinicians are highly trained and use the latest evidence and technology to inform their assessment and treatment plans.

Safety is our priority

You can be sure your journey with us will be a safe one. We handle all patient information with the utmost care and confidentiality and follow your treatment carefully to ensure a safe and efficient progression.

World class support

Have a question? Get in touch to enquire about a problem you’re experiencing, our best-in-class team of experts is there for you!

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