JASP Athletes

Mid North Coast Allied Health Clinics’ Junior Athlete Sponsorship Program (JASP) supports young athletes to achieve their sporting goals. The program does this by offering one-on-one and group sessions to improve the athlete’s functional capacity and skills, or rehabilitate any injuries they might be experiencing.

6 athletes have been selected to participate in the program for the year 2022.

Sponsored Athletes

Reeve Simmons

Reeve is excelling in AFL and touch football. Reeve is a very determined and versatile player who possesses great athletic ability and skills.

Reeve is an excellent role model, constantly displaying respect and terrific sportsmanship.

Reeve’s goals for 2022 are to improve his strength, kicking accuracy and fitness to be able to maintain high performance and involvement throughout each quarter of his AFL matches.

Scarlett Simmons

Scarlett has been dominating in her chosen sports of AFL, Netball, and Touch Football.

Scarlett is looking forward to learning about how to manage sporting injuries, and improving her fitness and ball skills.

Scarlett aims for a quality performance at all times and will constantly strive to push herself to ensure she gives 100% every time she takes the field.

Cooper Farrington

Cooper is an outstanding and hardworking athlete. Cooper is a valued member of the Crossfit Cave and Little Athletics team in Wauchope, where he was recently recognised for over 10 years of continuous membership.

Cooper has been commended for his leadership qualities, displayed through his encouragement and mentoring of junior athletes.

Cooper has qualified to compete at the national crossfit championships in October 2022.

Cooper Lorger

Cooper is a talented athlete who has achieved success across multiple sports including Touch Football, Rugby League and Surf Lifesaving.

In 2021, Cooper was recognised for his outstanding achievements and sportsmanship by being named junior sportsperson of the year at his school.

Cooper is hardworking, committed and always gives his best. In 2022, Cooper hopes to improve his strength, power and speed in order to become the best rugby league player he can be.

Ryan Binskin

Ryan is quickly becoming a household name in the world of running. He is no stranger to taking out big events including the Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Tamworth running festivals 10km.

Ryan can regularly be seen offering his knowledge to aspiring runners in preparation for events.

Ryan has already achieved one of his 2022 goals in running a sub-15-minute 5km. For any of you Park Runners out there, you’d know that this is rapid fast.

Emilee Franklin

Emilee shows athletic ability beyond her years. At age 13 she was selected for her under 17s WPL football (soccer) team and at the age of 14 was invited to play for the senior team.

Emilee is becoming an outstanding leader and role model for other aspiring athletes. She has been commended for her passion for helping others develop their skills and achieve their goals.

In 2022, Emilee hopes to remain injury free and help her WPL football team to a winning grand final.

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